After the Second World War, Carlo Meucci and Maria Piccioli began their work producing Florentine straw craft articles. They created original models using their mastery and imagination:
from bags in the shape of guitars or watermelon slices, to fine “Burgundy” evening bags made of woven wicker.

The classic hats came later, such as the rigid straw hats, the “magiostrina” and the peasant hat. Thanks to the Florentine quality of these products, it became one of the first Italian workshops to export to the United States of America.

After ten years, the workshop began embellishing its products, refining them with inserts and silk scarves in the most varied colours, designed by the workshop’s own stylists.

Straw was gradually supplanted by the production of handcrafted silk scarves and ties, covering the entire clothing accessories sector.
28 years later, in 1976, the entrepreneurial spirit of Maria Meucci, his son Alessandro and his wife Patrizia led them to purchase a stall in the most famous historical market in the world: the Loggia del Mercato Nuovo, better known as La Loggia del Porcellino.

By the year 2000, they had 3 stalls in the market, maintaining the familiar and artisanal aspect that has always distinguished them.

This fascinating and historic showcase encouraged Maria Meucci’s niece, Giulia Meucci and her husband, Domenico Poliseno, to celebrate 70 years of history, craftsmanship and passion by creating this e-commerce showcase to reach customers all over the world, who have always appreciated and valued the Meucci products at the Porcellino Market during their travels.

With this project, Giulia and Domenico aim to continue the relationship between the family and the fine cashmere, wool and silk fibres, enhancing their uniqueness, design and certified provenance.

Designed as a real artisan shop, they wish you a pleasant visit and invite you to browse their products.